Software Development Company

6 Software Development Trends That Will Impact In 2020

Software development has been progressing day by day. Any progress and development bring with itself great code, ease of coding and bug-free application. With the hope of leveraging technology for the betterment of future, we have researched and have compiled a list of software development trends that will bring a significant transformation to the lives […]

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Boost Customer Experience Utilizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM

In this era of technological advancement and highly competitive market. It is vital for businesses to offer high-quality products and services and at the same time offer an experience that keeps the customers loyal to your brand. To understand the customer’s behaviour, it becomes imperative to monitor their sentiments and nail it at the right […]

Mobile App Development

12 Reasons Why Your Business Requires a Mobile App

With the rise in entrepreneurship, there is a rise in competition to get your product to as many users quickly as possible. Initiatives like Startups India and Digital India have encouraged small businesses to aid themselves with innovative tools and technology for advancing their outreach to all types of their targeted user base. One of […]


8 Recommendations for Developing Apps for IoT

Internet of Things or IoT as we say it is the concept of connecting devices to the Internet and each other. IoT has been around since the 90s in the form of very first versions of wearable technology including wireless transmitters and wireless webcams. With the advancement and widespread access to the internet, the need […]


Android vs. iOS App Development: Is it Still a Competition or We have a Clear Winner

The growth of mobile application development industry is synonymous with the rise of the smartphone market. Both iOS application development and android app development have their specialities and success stories. Some of such success stories are companies like Uber, Instagram, King (Candy Crush Saga), and more. As per the reports released by application measurement company […]


How to Utilize Cross-Platform Technology to Develop Adaptable Mobile Apps

Mobile application development industry has grown so swiftly that it has altered the way businesses function globally. With enterprises following mobile apps to boost their efficiency and innovativeness, mobile app developers have to work on numerous versions of an application for multiple platforms. Once your plan and mobile app idea are ready, it’s the time […]

IOT in Healthcare

Internet of Things: A High-Tech Tool for Improved Healthcare

IoT, is everywhere—in your office, phone, house, vehicles, and now it’s driven straight into your doctor’s clinic. The Internet of Things, of course, takes different forms in all these areas, but the effect has more or less been similar—how easily we’ve been doing things around, and quick! The technology has substituted the conventional and obsolete […]


How Artificial Intelligence is Driving Mobile App Personalization

Introduction Apple’s introduction of Siri in October 2011 is generally seen as the start of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in mobile apps, and the AI helper was made available to the public with the launch of the iPhone 4s. Since then, AI has grown steadily and has opened up many possibilities in the development of […]


How to Avoid 5 Enormous Mobile App Launch Mistakes

If you own business, you’d probably know the tricks of the trade to enhance customer retention. And, you’d certainly be aware of how mobile app development is being leveraged as a strategic branding tool for a number businesses today.  A lot of mobile application development companies are seen investing in iOS, Hybrid, and Cross-platform application […]


The Top 10 Android Statistics You Need To Know

It’s nearly two months back when Google added yet another Android Operating System (OS) in their kitty, announcing Android Oreo as the eighth version of Android OS. The new OS offers a gamut of never-seen-before features to the users giving them a pristine experience of its stunning operating speed. While, there’s equal development occurring in […]