IOT in Healthcare

Internet of Things: A High-Tech Tool for Improved Healthcare

IoT, is everywhere—in your office, phone, house, vehicles, and now it’s driven straight into your doctor’s clinic. The Internet of Things, of course, takes different forms in all these areas, but the effect has more or less been similar—how easily we’ve been doing things around, and quick! The technology has substituted the conventional and obsolete […]


How Artificial Intelligence is Driving Mobile App Personalization

Introduction Apple’s introduction of Siri in October 2011 is generally seen as the start of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in mobile apps, and the AI helper was made available to the public with the launch of the iPhone 4s. Since then, AI has grown steadily and has opened up many possibilities in the development of […]


How to Avoid 5 Enormous Mobile App Launch Mistakes

If you own business, you’d probably know the tricks of the trade to enhance customer retention. And, you’d certainly be aware of how mobile app development is being leveraged as a strategic branding tool for a number businesses today.  A lot of mobile application development companies are seen investing in iOS, Hybrid, and Cross-platform application […]


The Top 10 Android Statistics You Need To Know

It’s nearly two months back when Google added yet another Android Operating System (OS) in their kitty, announcing Android Oreo as the eighth version of Android OS. The new OS offers a gamut of never-seen-before features to the users giving them a pristine experience of its stunning operating speed. While, there’s equal development occurring in […]


Ways to Earn Rewards With Popular Software Development Models

The software development companies all over the globe are gearing up to inculcate every new technology gushing into the market every other day. The competition is extreme and they want to stay ahead of the time to reach out to the consumers before the other does. The consumers always demand something extraordinarily innovative to satisfy […]

ASP.NET Features

Revealing 4 Powerful Features of ASP.NET 4.5

Microsoft released the first version of the ASP.NET way back on January 16, 2002. And since then, there’s been no stopping. With the versatility of tools and features, ASP.NET Framework offers, the ASP.NET developers across the companies working on .NET technology have been successfully leveraging the same to build dynamic web applications, web sites, and […]


Press Release: Protomator – Free Productivity Automation App for MS Dynamics 365 CRM

Prompt Softech, a customized software and hardware solution company, announced the release of their first MS Dynamics CRM app named Protomator available on Microsoft AppSource. The app is designed and developed for all kinds businesses and is best suited to the ones who perform repetitive processes on daily basis. The app leverages the features of […]

Mobile App Development with Kotlin

How to Build a Competitive Mobile App Using Kotlin

What is Kotlin? In the year 2011, a team of St. Petersburg programmers, one of whom was the same developer who created Java IDE- IntelliJ under JetBrains, unveiled the first version of Kotlin as a new language for JVM (Java Virtual Machine). After Java, Google announced Android gained official support for the Kotlin programming language […]


Conquer CRM with These Affordable and Powerful Trends

It’s been quite some years now since CRM has captured the software industry like none other. Blame it on the versatility with an array of features that CRM offers, why wouldn’t anyone want to make the best of it then? The goal is to do up the most amazing applications that would help users ease […]

Android Oreo

Google Announces Android Oreo. When Will Your Device Get One?

It’s been just a while since Google announced the latest version of Android named as Oreo and it has already taken the world on a troll. Android Oreo is out with new, extravagant features. It is smarter, faster, and more powerful than ever as declared by Google. All the eyes are glued on Android Oreo […]