Are You Still Manufacturing Regular Water Bottles Instead of Smart Bottles?

July 24, 2019

The word ‘smart’ was earlier constrained to the human, but with the evolution in the generations and time, everything changed. Now ‘Smart’ word is more often used for products like mobile phones, watches, TV etc. There are many high-tech gadgets to entertain and ease our work.

Gadgets always attract, but what if our health is not cooperating with us to enjoy the technologies and luxuries.

Health has been significant concerns, not today but since past days. Today the health industry is expanding with a high pace, and the best part is, it has harmonized itself with technology. Today there is a plethora of fitness trackers, apps and other devices in the tech world to monitor the physical and mental health status.

However, the emerging demands and time deficiency has called for the closest approach. Thus the introduction of Smart Bottles appeared in the scene.

Maybe you think that there is no need for smart bottles and most of you might ignore the product even before knowing the importance.

Let’s talk about why do we need to update our self from standard to smart bottles.

A simple good looking bottle can never sustain itself in the list of gym accessories. You need to have a smart bottle which can track your daily water intake routine, remind you for the same, acknowledge you with the right temperature and many more other related activities.

Essential features of smart bottles which cannot be resisted are:

1) Attractive and Smart:

The IoT enabled bottles are attractive and full of smart activities. The first impression lasts for a long time. The new smart bottles are not just gym-, but it’s attractive too. These bottles are convenient, easy to clean and durable.

2) Keeps your Record:

The IoT enabled water bottle keeps the record on the cloud for habit analysis. It’s always important to observe the activities, and hence, the inclusion of the data system and its storage on the cloud has enabled this demand. One can analyze the intake water consumption data on a monthly basis and make improvements.

3) Easy To Connect:

It is really easy to connect the bottle to mobile phones through Bluetooth and an app.

4) Check your water intakes:

The connectivity to the cloud has allowed us to check the total water intake of a day. Cloud stores the data of the number of times a bottle is filled.

5) Detects the temperature:

IoT enabled smart bottle informs about the temperature of the water ( Suggests you the temp for water as per the outside temp): The smart bottle informs about the temperature of the water and notifies about the required temperature to be set.

6) Reminders !!!:

A smart bottle will set your daily water intake goal and will remind you. The IoT enabled bottle will design your daily water intake goal and will notify you for the same. It will alert you through lights or vibrations.

7) Make Schedules:

The advanced water bottle will schedule the timing as per the body requirement and complete the goal.

8) Measures purity:

A smart bottle also checks the purity of the water to assure good health.

9) Solar charged bottle:

A smart bottle can be charged using solar energy. So, you can save your electricity and free to charge at any time of the day.

Nothing can be more important when it comes to health. Recently Mr Ritesh Sutaria, Director of Prompt Softech, stated “We have been in the industry since 2011 for IoT development. We have seen many changes in the IoT industry, so now we call it an Internet of Everything (IoE). Earlier IoT was limited to few products, and now it is for everything. The connected devices are already projected to amount to 75.44 billion worldwide by 2025. This is the right time for all bottle manufacturing companies to include one smart bottle in the list — not only the bottle industry but other consumer goods as well. IoT industries are trying to connect all the possible product to the cloud to perform better and better analytics to understand the behaviour of consumers.

Healthy and smart living can create a better future. Introduction of a smart bottle has created a new era where improvises, and compromises do not exist. Most of the products are shifting to smart products, so if your product or bottles are still not in the smart list, then Contact Prompt Softech.

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