Android Oreo

Google Announces Android Oreo. When Will Your Device Get One?

It’s been just a while since Google announced the latest version of Android named as Oreo and it has already taken the world on a troll. Android Oreo is out with new, extravagant features. It is smarter, faster, and more powerful than ever as declared by Google. All the eyes are glued on Android Oreo […]

IOT Applications Development

How to Harness the Power of IoT for a Smarter Living

Amidst all the hullabaloo stirred up by the smart devices taking the technology epoch to another level, IoT is certainly the next big thing to talk! We are on the way to innovating devices that could minimize our efforts to accomplish tasks, or might even end up doing on their own! These smart devices and […]

Microsoft Dynamic CRM

Why Every Business Needs Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

There are millions of businesses running around all over the globe today. And each faces a tough competition against the rest. Every business demands growth, profit, success, and stability at the same time to survive itself in the industry. All these aspects highly depend on the techniques you are investing upon and how effective are […]

Mobile App Maintenance

Top 4 Reasons To Go For Mobile App Maintenance

Before peeking into what’s written down there, let’s quickly answer a few questions to smoothly get through this topic. First, why do you think you need a mobile app? Second, what specifications do you look up to in an app before installing it on your handset? Third, how well do these apps solve your problems? […]

Customer Experience

6 Effective Ways to Brings innovation and Improve Customer Experience

Those days are already gone when businesses used to control the way customers interact and get their services. Now customers thanks to the empowerment through technologies and devices remain informed and connected to the unparalleled level. So, customers are now in control of the business interactions and communications. Naturally, every business find it competitive to […]


Managing Business Process Flows with Dynamics 365: Key Things to Know

When it comes guiding users in enterprises in regard to accessing crucial business data and gaining stronghold on customer relationship nothing comes as effective as Business Process Flows which in recent times evolved as a great tool offering users guidance to go through several steps in a business process like completing deal, evaluating a lead, […]