8 Recommendations for Developing Apps for IoT

Internet of Things or IoT as we say it is the concept of connecting devices to the Internet and each other. IoT has been around since the 90s in the form of very first versions of wearable technology including wireless transmitters and wireless webcams. With the advancement and widespread access to the internet, the need […]

IOT in Healthcare

Internet of Things: A High-Tech Tool for Improved Healthcare

IoT, is everywhere—in your office, phone, house, vehicles, and now it’s driven straight into your doctor’s clinic. The Internet of Things, of course, takes different forms in all these areas, but the effect has more or less been similar—how easily we’ve been doing things around, and quick! The technology has substituted the conventional and obsolete […]

IOT Applications Development

How to Harness the Power of IoT for a Smarter Living

Amidst all the hullabaloo stirred up by the smart devices taking the technology epoch to another level, IoT is certainly the next big thing to talk! We are on the way to innovating devices that could minimize our efforts to accomplish tasks, or might even end up doing on their own! These smart devices and […]