Hire Laravel Developers Who Surpass The 5 Common Mistakes

May 24, 2019

We are breathing in the era which is predominated by technologies. The domination over each and every sector including business has fostered the demand for more and more advancement in the field. Today, developers are engaged in the utilization of PHP. The excessive success received by the use of the PHP framework has approved its importance and assures for its future purposes. Laravel is considered as the most updated PHP framework that can incorporate the applications of programming codes and syntax but in an unusual way.

Laravel has been overlapping others in terms of features, scalability and performance. It stands as one of the most fancied PHP frameworks. The ability to simplify everyday tasks like routing, authentication, catching and sessions have expanded the utility of Laravel. It provides leverages to developers to draft their infrastructure, individually designed for their application.

However, the plight is to find a reliable Laravel developer that has not been introduced in the list of mistake does— one who holds the good grip in the programming.

Let’s check out what are the most mistakes done by Laravel developers:

1. Laravel documentation suggests that “Form:: close” should be closed as “Form:: close!” tag but most of the programmers forget and later spend much time in finding the error.

2. Still, most of the developers are in the habit of using params for validation of user input, though the best way to validate is via “Form Request” feature of Laravel.

3. Most of the Laravel developers skip the use of migration feature to avoid time consumption. They build new database tables and add new fields to database tables. However, it’s a completely unacceptable practice of professional developers. They should use the available database migration for modification or addition of new things in the database.

4. Routing is considered as the soul of any Laravel based application, but most of the professionals using the same are prone to mistakes in drafting the routing logic. It happens at times that they don’t remember to add a new route and get stuck for finding the reason behind Error 404. Sometimes they write they “get” rule in place of “post” and mess up searching the error in coding.

5. Laravel is treasured with one of the most potent form libraries in the open source world. The most common mistake done by developers is that usually miss adding CSRF hidden field token in the program. CSRF token shields the application from cross-site request forgery attack, but unfortunately, most of the developers ignore it because of lack of knowledge.

Getting reliable programmers can be a tough task to accomplish. But to sort out your problem is our ambition. Prompt Softech consist of professionals’ team who can help you for developing Laravel based programs to scale you with the rest.

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