How Can IoT Provide a Truly Effortless Experience?

October 19, 2021

IoT and IIoT have become a part of almost every industry. Their incomparable contribution to the growth and success of the services or products is remarkable. In fact, features offered by IoT and IIoT for customer service or field service experience have opened opportunities to boost customer loyalty to an exceptional level and have launched a new prospect for revenue generation.

However, the biggest challenge prevails in how to transform IoT advantages into an effortless experience.

The principle of the Effortless experience, described in the book by Matthew Dixon, has changed the concept of customer experience and shares what results in loyal or disloyal customers. The books share that

“Loyalty is driven by how well a company delivers on its basic promises and solves day-to-day problems, not on how spectacular its service experience might be. Most customers don’t want to be “wowed”; they want an effortless experience. And they are far more likely to punish you for bad service than to reward you for good service.”

The benefit provided by IIoT is visible across all industries, and it manifests itself in various forms for various applications. For instance, industrial production abilities enhance maintenance efficiency and labor safety, streamlining production and operational resilience.

Yet, IoT is not just meant to stay as technology but is about developing solutions that can deliver expected results for businesses. The value of field service organizations is rising day by day for operations. The service experiences offered by your technicians will imprint a lasting impact on your customers. It will determine the overall impression of your brand and will influence satisfaction, retention and future sales in a positive or negative way. Along with the delivery of notch-top services, customers expect effortless services too.

So, this makes it elementary to reexamining the way your organization provides services by resolving the complexities of the past and moving towards a future promising an effortless experience.

Concentrate on Effortless:

Is it possible for you to maintain the conversation when customers ask a question via one channel and then use another to ask for an update? Customers often expect history and context to be carried into future interactions regardless of how or when the conversation started. Yet many organizations still struggle and deploy different teams for various service channels.

Integrating the power of a centralized service console such as Salesforce Service Cloud with real-time and adding historical IoT telemetry from a Digital Twin will ease your teams’ work by providing full transparency, assuring context and history are available, 24*7. Besides, your team can carry diagnostics tests remotely by directly accessing historical data and cases along with service contracts plus KPI’s.

From effortless to predictable:

Advanced analytics tools and connected products have transformed the concept of knowing your customers, their assets, and equipment. Today, it is easy to acquire tones of relevant data that empowers you to predict the requirements of the customer even before they experience the problem.

Though the information is available but unfortunately unavailable to service teams within their operational tools, a no-code platform to utilize the power of IoT within their service console could be the best solution. This can proactively launch customer service operations to achieve an unparalleled level of customer and field service.

Make Simple Your Differentiator:

Delivering an effortless service can also assist in discovering new growth opportunities via AI/ML insights, which can contribute to great success. It can also boost operational efficiency by modifying the way you connect people, data, and devices using automated workflows and inventory management tools. Besides, risk can be minimized by effortlessly securing your organization, network, and people by identifying oddities and vulnerabilities to connect with confidence.

Finally, improve the user experience by providing differentiated and personalized effortless experiences to increase customer retention and business.

It is apparent that customer service organizations have been endeavoring for years to accomplish short wait times, excellent first-call resolution, and stretched support hours. Competent customer service programmers are not limited to these but also offer access to experts.

Above all this, customers have to be aware of their needs and where to look for a solution. Latest studies have found that organizations that can predict customer needs and make information availability easy are appreciated for excellent customer satisfaction. Additionally, customers are demanding self-service and want it to be effortless.


We all know that to provide an excellent level of customer service, it is essential to predict the needs of the customers before they encounter issues. Adding a no-code platform within their Service Cloud or Field Service environment can be helpful for your team.

We can easily conclude that an effortless experience for customers can be possible only by potentially utilizing IoT within the cloud service. By integrating the power of a centralized service console enriched with real-time and past IoT data, your team will enjoy complete transparency, assuring the context and history of customer contacts are accessible at any time.

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