How Latest Google Duplex will Make Difference in Your Life?

May 29, 2019

Google is blooming with the latest additions that can provide comfort and secured work zone to the Homo sapiens.

Recently Google has blanketed the tech news channel by its new project ‘Google Duplex.’

Duplex is a new project that is currently live in most of the U.S. It allows individual users to make a restaurant reservation by phone, but instead of the user, Google Duplex backed by Google assistant converses on behalf of a user with an AI-based but human voice.

But before we start inspecting the project thoroughly, let’s check the works assigned to this new ‘tech-assistant’.

Google Duplex can make a restaurant reservation or schedule a salon appointment. It converses and fixes the time as per the user’s requirement.

Where can you find Google Duplex?

Well, Google duplex will rest inside the Google Assistant to serve you by doing the different kinds of stuff on your behalf. The primary concern behind the development of this functionality is to rescue time. The technology-soaked Duplex assistant is enabled of calling businesses on your behalf, for making a reservation, booking appointments etc. The most exciting part of this newcomer is that it will make calls in a human-sounding voice that means the other person on the call will not be able to recognize the non-human activity.

Do you need to learn- How to Use Duplex?

(Source: Google Blog)

Development of new technology would go in vain if it caters no comfort, so really need not to stress on ‘How to Use Duplex?’

There is nothing to learn, you just have to order like a king, “hey Google, Call (Business place) and make an appointment for me on 24 June at 5:30 pm.” and get back to your work. Everything will be done in the background.

Not just this, it will add your appointments and reservations to your calendar to remind you in future for the same.

(Source: Google Blog)

What did Google people say?

Google head of engineering, Yossi Matias said “Allowing people to interact with technology as naturally as they interact with each other has been a long-standing promise,” at the time of announcement for the Duplex.

It was even shared that now one can also skip saying ‘Hey Google’ every time as Duplex is designed in a way that it touches the silhouette of perfection and sounds natural inviting a comfortable conversation experience.

“We hope that these technology advances will ultimately contribute to a meaningful improvement in people’s experience in day-to-day interactions with computers.”

Current reach of Duplex:

Till now, Duplex is rendered in the U.S. only, but Google has promised to unveil it to the world but with “a slow and measured approach”. It’s even available on Google Pixel Phones.

Google has shared that it will be available in 44 states once an initial beta period is over in four U.S. cities. But still no confirm execution date is released.

Duplex enters in Web World:

The recent announcement assured the entry of Duplex on the web as well. Google shared that I/O 2019 is Duplex designed for the web.

Now, this advanced technology will fill all the information in the forms for you. It always turns as a task to fill a few pages while making online reservations. One has to go through several pages, zoom in and fill the form, but the involvement of this new technology will undoubtedly save time.

Will AI successfully imitate as human?

Well, it has turned as a debate topic as people are expecting that AI might disclose its originality and share that it is a computer calling from another side.

But being caught as AI or computer will really matter?

Well, Google has added many things in conversation such as “er” or “um” to provide a natural feel, but the debate is still open doubting the potential of this function, questioning the natural feeling offered by it.

Matias said “It’s important to us that users and businesses have a good experience with this service,”

“Transparency is a key part of that. We want to be clear about the intent of the call, so businesses understand the context” he continued.

Is AI Reliable?

Another question which has been raised on this new development is its accuracy and output. In the past, users have used many virtual assistants and other voice control systems that has undoubtedly developed an issue of trust. So, it’s evident that one might not get the expected outcome from this virtual assistant. Suppose if you ask your virtual assistant to book five seats in a restaurant at a particular time. Then will it do it perfectly?

For this, Google has shared that if the assistant executes something wrong, it will surely inform the user for the same.

Currently, Google is enveloped in doubts and questions. The next prospect which doubts the perfect is that, will A.I. be able to handle all the language and differences accurately?

Defending its new launch, Google argued that Duplex is designed to perform specific tasks like reserving a table or scheduling an appointment for hair. It won’t be able to make an appointment with the doctor, lest not trained.

Challenges in the queue:

  • The problems which this newcomer will face is the poor call quality and background noise.
  • The second problem will be of contextual conversation, which is very much in-habit of humans.
  • The third problem which will land is the speed of conversation, which requires fast cloud computing power.

How will Google sort out this problem?

Google assured to kick these problems by using a recurrent neural network. It will get the sequences of answer by observing the previous conversations.

The introduction of the Duplex has certainly bred expectations as well as the insecurity of data piracy. It has even developed doubts on its potential at the back of the mind. The Google troop are confident on their new launch but the later results will claim the worth of their words.

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