Impeccable Features You Need to Have in Online Grocery App

September 4, 2019

E-commerce application has now become no new in the market, from food delivery to the real state it has cemented its worthiness. As per the Nielsen report, one-quarter of people use mobile apps to shop grocery, and it is expected that the percentage would reach to half in the coming years. The growing utilisation has boomed the opportunities for grocery app development industries.

Reasons are obvious; the hectic schedule has terminated the luxury of free time. Today people buy many products online using a mobile app. The accessibility to order groceries anytime and anywhere and get it at doorstep has majorly contributed to the success of an online mobile app.

The mobile app ensures a great experience and engraves extra time consumptions. So, most of the businesses today own mobile app for attracting the audience and making benefits from them. If you too have planned for online grocery app and searching for top-notch mobile app development services then be specific and precise about your requirements and customers’ demand.

Here I list some of the basic features which an online grocery app (like Big basket and Grofers ) must have to offer seamless and convenient services.

Must-Have Features

Cart sharing & shopping list:
This feature can create a sense of privacy as well as togetherness. For example, a husband and wife can shop using a single Cart. They can share the cart link through email or message and provide access to each other. However, one can keep the privacy of other carts and enjoy their shopping individually.

Shopping list feature enables the user to create a list of goods they want to purchase and can even use it for future orders.

Faceted search:
This feature eases the search process as it narrows down the options which customer is looking for without checking the catalogue description. User can type the product-related keywords or phrases into the search box and get the results without loitering through an app. Auto-suggestion feature and ‘add to cart’ feature also wooes consumer.

The most known still most effective way to get users is ‘push notification’. The mobile app must possess a push notification feature to notify customers about the latest deals and offers. Through push notifications, a user gets to know about the latest deals, coupons and discounts which ultimately compels them to buy a product.

If you own multiple grocery shops, then developing a geo-enabled app will help the users to track your nearest store location easily.

Real-time Tracking and Notifications:
The grocery items require fast delivery to retain their quality. A grocery app must provide the tracking option and should notify the user about the delivery status and expected a delivery time of the same. The real-time tracking feature and notification through messages can keep the user updated about the product. Send notification on the day of delivery while adding information about the delivery agent and logistic company.

Coupon Codes and Special deals:
Who doesn’t relish offers and discount on their favourite products? Providing seasonal offers or reward coupons sticks the user on your app and maintains stability. It even attracts new customers on your app.

As per the stat. shared by Invesprco team, In 2k19, 31 million coupons will be redeemed worldwide, and 62 per cent smartphone users will expectedly use digital coupons in the future. The stat reveals that adding rewards and offers can accelerate the sales rate and can improve income.

Sign up options:
The long, form-filling type sign up process really bothers customers. An easy way to sign up in the mobile app can conveniently engage a user. Providing one-click access through social media can contribute to captivating and sustaining users.

Still, there exists an effecting audience who does not use social media logins, out of privacy leakage fear. Providing an alternative option like one-click signup form having a mobile number or email can be a better way.

Reviews and ratings:
Providing reviews and rating system can actually be more beneficial to the mobile app because it gives a platform to the user to provide feedback. One can improve the product quality, and in fact, it’s delivery services by working on the inputs.

Secondly, the other benefit is that a good rating and reviews create a strong portfolio. It acts as social proof and helps in getting more sales.

Product comparisons:
The price comparison of one product with another always keep your consumers engaged and confirms assured actions. This feature provides an opportunity for the users to compare the products from different brands in terms of quality, prices, ingredient etc.

Multiple Payment Options:
Providing a safe, secure, and multi-payment option can be another way to get more users. Grocery shopping is a routine process, offering multiple payment options while assuring security allows your customers to pay by cash, credit & debit cards, digital wallets, PayPal, Net banking, etc. Adding virtual points also keep a user interested in your platform.

All these are the primary feature which every grocery app should have. But why one should hire Prompt Softech for Grocery Mobile App development? What are the extraordinary features they are proving for your business?

The prodigious features, responsible for generating spondulicks provided by the Softech company are:

Product Re-order: The re-order feature will offer your consumer a ready-made shopping list every month as per the past orders to quicken the shopping procedure. It eases the search-process and will provide the choicest product in the cart while offering the discount (based on t&c).

Diet Based Ready Cart: This new ‘health-conscious’ feature will provide an option to the users to either choose a diet cart or non-diet cart. As per the selection, the application will display the low calorie or high-calorie products in the suggestion. This will also help the user in maintaining their health.

Packages to uncurtain: The app will provide a feature in which one can select all the needed-items and then look for the packages as per their monthly budget. This feature will ensure to balance the monthly budget without compromising with the quantity and quality.

Certainly, the platform which can be used in a grocery app with the above features lies in the ‘must-to-know’ category.

Prompt Softech uses the following platforms :
1) Web
2) Android
3) iOS

Getting back to features, the above three mentioned additional features provided by the Prompt Softech differentiate your app form the crowd. The unbeatable and impeccable services have been their identity. So, wasting time would be like spending money. Work with Prompt Softect and get a better app than the existing-competitive grocery apps.

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