React Native- An Era To Explore Advancement

May 14, 2019

Changes have been dominant over technologies, every time technology caters something new and advanced which let us think that it’s an extreme but later our assumption turns wrong and we welcome something exotic.

Well, right now the most influenced sector by technology is mobile development Industry.

The present stats demonstrate that the Mobile App Industry will seize $188.9 billion in global revenue through the mobile application and in-app advertisements.

The demand of the generation is an app that can run flawlessly, navigate gracefully with an uncompetitive look. The stirring demand has generated an urgency for more and more advancement in technology.

The high performing, the quality native app has been the best choice but the time consumption has made people hopeless while the cross-platform app provided faster outcome but compromise with the quality has degraded its value.

The industry was oscillating in between the choices but later the solution called “React Native” acknowledged itself as an exceptional solution to design high technology based app.

Predictions on React Native in Mobile App development

Real native is a native version of the JavaScript library which is backed by developers at Facebook and Instagram. This technology incorporates fast pace work, functions properly on targeted platforms and inherits smooth debug process.

React native permits developers to create a mobile app with alike features from apps modelled using Objective-C or Java. It utilises the same fundamental user interface building blocks as the regular iOS and Android app, but you assemble the building blocks using React and JavaScript. This has upheaved the popularity of the same at a new height. It has occupied the market and achieved community support within a few years.

The stats developed by Github shares that 1002 contributors have committed 7,971 times in 45 branches with 124 releases.

The Founder of the podcast Software Engineering Daily, Jeff Meyerson said that the React native holds a bright future and will evolve competition in the mobile app development industry. It will occupy a good share of the industry. He even doubted that Facebook might come up with its mobile phones to boost the use of React Native.

The React Native was part of a discussion in 2016 for its introduction in Window and Tizen. Microsoft and Samsung recommended its inclusion in the same at the F8 conference. Thus later it was observed that there had been Smart TV apps and Universal Windows Platform, based on React Native.

React Native has surpassed all the competitors and was most searched term on Google in 2016.

Why has Real Native remarked itself at High-Position?

1. Cross-Platform Compatibility

React Native was designed for iOS, but later it was introduced to Android by Facebook because of its exclusive features and capabilities. Now React Native APIs are present as cross-platform which can be used to develop iOS and Android app using one codebase. One can even install native code whenever required, and it has really minimised the development cost considerably along with time.

2. Native functionality

One cannot ignore the performance and speed while developing a Mobile App. The user interface developed by using React Native holds native widgets that can work error-free. React Native can run the most complex of apps with JavaScript in a smooth way, showing its excellence better that real native app. Therefore it won’t be a bad idea to use React Native for the development of robust apps.

3. Instant Live Updates

React Native provides live updates. Developers can directly design update to the users’ phones through Javascript instead of going through the App store update cycle. User can enjoy instant updates without any disturbance caused by the old version.

4. Simple to Learn

It is really easy to learn languages as fundamental. It suits best to those who are new to Javascript as it assists through different components like maps and filters.

5. Great Learning Platform

It provides a great learning platform for learners by offering a developing ambience. React Native supports editing, modification and implementation without restart while running the app. It utilises flexbox layout engine for crafting app layouts for android as well as iOS.So developers just need to learn a single layout engine and work for both programs. It even allows using Chrome developer tools to embed React Native with desktop chrome browser. Thus it permits for easy access to the profiling tools and debuggers.

6. Facebook Backs it

Facebook Engineering upholds React Native and there is a large developing community which supports it. Facebook along with other communities, is continuously in an effort to make the platform fit for futuristic goals.

React Native has showcased itself as one of the most blooming communities that offers a growing environment for the grading up of the mobile app industry. It is treasured with all the necessary features that can be utilised for developing a mobile app without any compromise with quality and in less time consumption.

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