Why API Is Required In Microservices?

April 22, 2019

Development and technology improvement will go in vain if you cannot have a proper interface which can communicate with other software. For the use of programs, you need an appropriate set of protocol tools for modelling software applications.

API that is Application Program Interface administers software components to interact. Basically, it is a set of rules and protocols required for the development of software and application.

Why do we need API in Micro services gateway tools?

  • The Application Program Interface gateway provides routes requests (layer seven routings, usually HTTP requests) or redirects to the endpoints of the internal microservices. The gateway facilitates an URL or endpoint for the client apps after that it internally plans the requests to the different internal microservices, ultimately providing a custom API.
  • API is capable of translating web protocols and web-unfriendly protocols, running internally in the micro-services. It can be utilised on an e-commerce site as it offers endpoint to retrieve all the details of the product in a request.
  • API provides a stage, enabling the interaction between the software application and digital platforms while ensuring a smooth and uncomplicated experience for developers.
  • The real challenge faced is to assure proper API management is functional in the IT operations. If not, then you would have to face the risk of breaking change that could lead to disturbance in API and might introduce other issues that could present a loss in business. To avoid such issue use API versioning.
  • API is concerned as an essential part of communication in distributed networks. It would have been impossible for companies to deliver cross-device and cross-platform applications without right that provided links between these platforms.
  • API is termed as a bridge between microservices and a traditional system. Today API developers can integrate various internal systems to develop distributed micro service applications.
  • Suppose you have a micro services-based architecture consisting of more than 100 services. Then providing a single-entry point to each service would have been not easy. So, at this point API gateway would help you by integrating the entry point for improving the business. Development and technology improvement will go in vain if you cannot have a proper interface which can communicate with other software. For the use of programs, you need an appropriate set of rules and protocols for modelling software applications.

Need for API Gateways

  • Through API gateways one can generate a path through which micro-services can organise themselves on an orderly way.
  • API gateways permit the developers to add features in the internal structure of an application in various ways.
  • Microservices gateway should be easy to handle so that whenever it is added or removed, it’s not difficult to adjust gateway.
  • When an organisation switches its system from old to a new one based on micro-services, then there should not be any disturbances and disruptions to users. The change should not invite any break in functionality.
  • API can manage the complexities like rapid release and additional validations required by Cloud-native microservices.
  • API has influenced large cloud vendors for its importance in the management of container-based applications.


API has grabbed its place in technology, and the API developers are now more focused on the extensibility of it.

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