BI Dashboard using tableau

India Milk Product


  • Large dataset handling and managing reports.
  • No Data insight and no business analytics.
  • No user-wise reporting access and control system.


  • Provided deep insight into business Data (marketing/ production/inventory etc.).
  • Automated data processing and generating all kind of reports.
  • Prepared more than 100+ dashboards.
  • Dashboard with all different type of charts - Line, Bar, Box-plot, Pareto, Heat-map, India Map etc..
  • Dashboards with complex summarized tables showing data comparison of CYCM, PYCM, CYPM, PYCM etc..
  • Dashboards with action, parameters, redirection etc..
  • Dashboards with multi-level drill-down and multiple filters.
  • Dashboards with the role and user-based data access.
  • Dashboards loading summarized view of 100 million transaction records.
  • Dashboards with landing page providing daily updates.
  • Dashboard customization for mobile and tablet view.
  • Dashboards integrated with Python output for advance data analysis like Market basket analysis, Sales prediction.


  • Easy to analysis and get business data insight.
  • Easy to manage all reporting and dashboard system.
  • Proper analytics helps to comprehend the business problem and solution.
  • Data-driven business environment.

Technology Stack

  • SAP Database
  • SQL Server (for Data processing)
  • Tableau Desktop (for development purpose)
  • Tableau server (Dashboards to be published or viewed on the server)
  • Talend Jobs for data processing

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