Bulk Milk Cooler

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About Bulk Milk Cooler

Bulk Milk Cooler (BMC) is a milk storage tank used at society level to store a large amount of procured milk from farmers. It helps society to maintain Milk temperature at 4 degree Celsius with use of agitator and compressors till all the procured Milk transfer to the dairy plant.


  • As per industry standards, It is Mandatory to manage Milk temp at 4.C to maintain milk quality. If procured milk stays in normal temperature for a longer time then procured milk is not suitable for any dairy product usage.
  • It is difficult to monitor BMC temperature all the time for society members 24x7. They have to stay there to monitor the temperature manually.
  • It is difficult to monitor BMC’s power consumption for society supervisor.
  • Need to monitor agitator status at the real time as if it goes off Milk temperature will not be maintained uniformly in the tank.

How Prompt Softech helped to overcome these challenges?

With rich IOT and embedded experience for dairy industries, Prompt Softech invited (by one of the leading dairy providers in India) to understand BMC monitoring challenges and come up with the best feasible solution.

After understanding all the challenges/issues with BMC monitoring, Prompt Softech suggested: “BMC Smart Box” an IOT device as a solution. BMC smart box device can connect to BMC milk tank and monitor all possible parameters like temperature, milk quantity, agitator status, compressor status, CIP (cleaning in the process) and power consumption. It will upload all the parameters on the server and notify end users with SMS, Email and Push notification for any critical parameter changes.


BMC Smart box

  • Schematic Design
  • PCB layout
  • PCB Manufacturing and assembling
  • 4G network support for cloud communication
  • BLE 4.0 support for mobile device pairing
  • Analog to Digital converter (ADC) for temperature and Milk quantity measurement
  • SD card support for internal storage
  • Voltage sensors support for the agitator, compressor, grid supply, and generator ON/Off monitoring

Mobile App (Support user)

  • Connect BMC Smart box over BLE 4.0
  • Temperature and level Calibration support from mobile app
  • Set different BMC configurations from mobile app

Mobile App (Dairy Supervisor user)

  • List of online and offline BMCs
  • Real-time BMC parameters monitoring
  • Push notifications for critical and warning alerts
  • Real-time temperature and milk quantity charts

Web Portal (Managers)

  • List of online and offline BMCs
  • Real-time BMC parameters monitoring
  • Real-time temperature and milk quantity charts
  • Dynamic reports


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