Dynamics CRM 365 Online + SharePoint Integration

About SharePoint Integration

Natively, Microsoft Dynamics CRM systems are not designed to store or manage documents. Attaching documents in “Notes” in a specific record is traditionally how most people would save documents in Dynamics CRM, this takes up storage space and can add additional expenses

To overcome this limitation we have used “Account Centric” Native Integration of SharePoint with Server-based Dynamics CRM.

  • Direct Collaboration
  • Quick linking
  • Better Security & Version Control
  • Centralize document storage
  • Cost Effective

Technology Used

xRM Framework

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 Online

SharePoint 2016 Online

C# Application


Dynamics CRM is not providing direct mechanism for:

  • Centralized Document Management
  • Folderize Document Storage

There are few things which we can’t achieve using OOB integration of SharePoint:

  • Create records with customized name
  • Auto renaming of record in SharePoint
  • Merging of two records’ Documents
  • Delete SharePoint document/record when anyone performs delete operation in CRM for related document/record.

How Prompt Softech helped to overcome these challenges?

PromptSoftech used following approach to fulfill customer’s requirement:

Simplified Document Management using:

  • Creating Predefined Folder Structure based on XML configuration when record is created in CRM
  • Auto-Uploads files to specific folders from Customized modules of CRM

Sync between CRM Documents & SharePoint Documents in following scenarios using Plugins:

  • Delete SharePoint Document when anyone removes document from CRM
  • Store Document in Recycle Bin of SharePoint if deletion of record occurs in CRM
  • Merging documents in SharePoint if two records got merged in CRM
  • Auto Renaming Folder Structure

One time migration

  • Created Console application for migration of all existing Records & documents from CRM to SharePoint with Predefined folder structure.


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