Implementation of Modules with Microsoft Dynamics 365


Our client is one of the consultation service providers for Dynamics 365 CRM in the United Kingdom. He is looking for implementing several modules in which they are facing challenges with Dynamics 365 CRM. Following are the issues to be resolved.

1. Integration with WooCommerce

  • Real-Time integration with woo-commerce orders
  • Automatically register customer as a contact
  • If the contact already exists, then update it to avoid duplications
  • Creation of records based on order lines
  • Roll up the total amount of order in contact

2. Field Service Customizations

3. People Viewer Module

  • Need to view workload of system users for analysis
  • Identify how much duration of the task for a particular user
  • This feature will help in identifying the productivity of staff members.

4. Sales Pipeline

  • Ability to view records by different stages
  • Drag and drop feature to move records from one stage to another
  • Similar to Kanban board in agile

5. Marketing List Plugin

  • Each entity (account, contact, lead) has multiple text fields called "Marketing Lists". It contains one line per marketing list that the record has been added to as a marketing list member.
  • Every time a member (account, contact, lead) is added or removed from a marketing list, it triggers a rebuild of the relevant field against the entity to ensure that the "Marketing Lists" field is always in sync.


Integration with WooCommerce

  • Azure background Service – Integrating woo-commerce rest API with Dynamics
  • Product mapping with woo-commerce orders
  • Customer, transactions, Events, and email record creations


  • Improved data consistency
  • Streamlined sales process
  • Visibility on resources being used
  • Increased marketing activities

Technology Stack

  • Microsoft Dynamics CE/CRM API
  • Asp.Net
  • Azure
  • HTML
  • Javascript

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