A Revolutionary Instant milk chiller that chills milk at source


  • In the milk business, an essential aspect is milk quality and degraded milk quality turns the whole hard work into a significant loss. The time gap between procurement time and the submission process is considerably affecting, and the increase in outside temperate adds more complications. The change in the quality of milk degrades fat quality and disturbs other essential milk content.
  • There are many milk chilling equipment, but the time consumed in cooling the milk was quite lengthy, and machines are dependent on the electricity.
  • Chilling milk to <4 °C quickly after milking helps maintain the quality of milk and prevent spoilage caused by the bacterial attack.
  • Machines employed for cooling the milk require 5-7 hours of charging after which it is capable of chilling the milk at the required temperature. Machines need high maintenance and require regular supervision.
  • Available solutions are inadequate to achieve desired quality standards.


The modern instant milk chilling machine works on the unique thermodynamic design. It consists of a patented evaporator and multi-utility heat pump.

  • Instant Milk chiller is simple to operate, compact and cost-effective solution at the farm level. It can instantly chill milk even in the absence of electricity at the time of chilling.
  • It consumes low energy and uses thermal energy to provide hot water.
  • Instant Milk chiller offers 2.25 times faster milk cooling rate than the 500 L/day BMC.
  • It reduces energy consumption by up to 11% and reduces net energy consumption up to 37% and can operate using solar power.


  • Instant milk chiller is highly economical with a good ROI
  • It is easy to operate and requires low maintenance
  • It is scalable and compact.
  • It assists in milk quality management and increases farmers' income
  • It generates hot water as an additional benefit from heat recovery for cleaning purposes.
  • It can be connected with grid power or solar power.

Technology Stack

  • Application of patented evaporator and multi-utility heat pump

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