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About Current Dairy Practice for Logistic

As per current practice, Dairy hire truck drivers on contract bases for logistic purpose and ask them to collect Milk from village level and submit it to near by dairy milk collection centers. Everyday truck drivers go on milk collection on defined route by diary officials in morning and evening shifts.


  • No system in place to track milk collection done by truck drivers from villages
  • Probability of malpractice by truck drivers
  • Verify milk temperatures while stored in Bulk milk cooler
  • Truck driver route tracking
  • Visibility on how much milk collection pending for next shift?

How Prompt Softech helped to overcome these challenges?

After checking all the different aspects and possible solutions, Prompt Softech suggested “Android based mobile application” as a solution which involves GPS tracking, Route mapping and Admin web portal for real time reporting.


Cloud based Admin Web portal

  • Truck driver route mapping
  • Real time truck driver tracking and reporting
  • Milk collection reports
  • Create auto truck routes based on Milk quantity to collect from nearby villages

Desktop Utility

  • Windows service based utility on installing in POS machine
  • Sync items inventory and sales data from POS to Cloud and vice versa

Mobile App

  • Option to start route
  • Continues GPS tracking
  • Complete route by submit Milk collection checklist with images
  • Auto truck check in and checkout from dairy premises


logistic app
logistic app
logistic app
logistic app
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