Innovative milk fat testing solution for milk collection centers

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When Prompt entered to solve the problems and issues, it discovered many dependent and independent challenges which demanded solutions severely.

  • The first and foremost challenge was to restrain the uncontrolled calibration of the machine by a large number of people in the entire milk supply chain without any linkages to the reference tests.
  • The next problem was the lack of calibration trace-ability to the lab tested known sample.
  • The third issue was the lack of a complete history of the calibration for review and analytics (online).
  • There was no way to compare the performance across different machines.
  • Manual Records for ISO for compliances towards the requirement of ISO documentation.


  • The system provides an intelligent Mobile Application based calibration mechanism to ensure complete transparency of calibration operations in New Fat Milk Testing Equipment
  • The calibration data will be available online on a portal for cross-checking, meanwhile ensuring transparency across the supply chain.
  • The system also records internal events and a large number of parameters which helps in assuring that machine provides only the right results and alerts to support predictive maintenance.
  • The device measures the Milk fat accurately at very high speed and can be calibrated with the help of android application over Bluetooth connectivity.
  • The device will have internal storage and multi-modal connectivity to store and share measurement data as well as detailed internal parameters to help in predictive maintenance.


  • Possibility of the updating calibration by DCS team on their own.
  • Calibration is restricted by the authorised person.
  • No need for manual control in the calibration port.
  • Improved accuracy of the machine since critical internal parameters can be adjusted based on atmospheric parameters.
  • Service can now be done by authorised persons only ensuring a better quality of service, proper spares etc.
  • No provision for onsite calibration in any manner.
  • Accurate testing results.

Technology Stack

  • Bluetooth
  • Micro-controller
  • Digital Potentiometer
  • Proxy Sensor
  • Android mobile application

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