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About Integration

Dynamics CRM 365 Online is not providing any built-in feature for QuickBooks Online Integration. So we have implemented Custom integration using Azure App Service and QuickBooks SDK in order to automate their accounting process which gives faster and accurate result.

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  • QuickBooks follows Tedious and 100% manual process for managing Accounting Process.
  • There is no direct mechanism available to connect CRM Online to QuickBooks Online due to QuickBooks API limitation.
  • There exist different accounts for the distinctive classifications in QuickBooks.
  • QuickBooks following unique name convention for vendor, customer and employee.
  • There is no such component available:
    • To map CRM Purchase Order with QuickBooks Purchase Order.
    • To map CRM Payment Request with QuickBooks Bill Payment.
    • To map QuickBooks Charts of Accounts with CRM Contacts.
    • For Continues integration between CRM Online to QuickBooks Online without installation of any software.
    • To send automatic email notification regarding Purchase Order and Bill Payment Details.
  • Vat Calculation

How Prompt Softech helped to overcome these challenges?

PromptSoftech used following approach to fulfill customer’s requirement:

  • Custom Integration between QuickBooks Online & CRM Online
  • Utilized Azure App Service and QuickBooks SDK
  • Hosted & Scheduled an C# application in Azure Web App Service to robotize the whole procedure
  • Provided mechanism to auto refresh the access tokens of QuickBooks SDK
  • Created an XML file and stored it to Azure Blob Storage to store regenerated Access Tokens and Refresh Tokens


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