Volunteers for Salesforce Implementation

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About Implementation

Our Client is one of non-profit organization who provides comprehensive services and support to ensure blind and visually impaired children reach their full potentials. They use salesforce as a crm to manage their non-profit database. They were looking for a solution to seamlessly integrate and manage volunteer’s information.

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  • Manage Volunteer event and people.
  • Embedded the Volunteers, Jobs, Shifts and Hours into website
  • Configure Volunteers for Nonprofits.
  • Automatically track and Report on all of the data.
  • Allow signups for Events from Public Website. Users can sign up for multiple events.
  • Personal site pages for Volunteers’
  • Brand the Volunteer’s Personal Site Pages, Volunteer’s Job List and Calendar page on website.
  • Customized signup page to get more information.

How Prompt Softech helped to overcome these challenges?

Prompt Softech has suggested a complete Volunteers for Salesforce solution provided by salesforce.org.

About Volunteers for Salesforce:

Volunteers for Salesforce helps manage your volunteer events and people. It manages volunteers, jobs, shifts, and hours, allowing you to track and report on all the data as well as allow public signups via Sites pages on your website.

We proposed an extensive solution where Salesforce and Website would be integrated to fulfill and provide an end to end consulting, development, deployment, and support.

Features & Customizations:

  • Easy signup for Volunteers job shifts from the website.
  • Set up the Salesforce site to fulfill the requirements.
  • Customize the contents of the Volunteer’s Job List page and to provide its look and feel as per website.
  • Customizing fields on the signup page to meet the requirements of sign up details mentioned. For ex. Once user signup from website, a contact would be created in Salesforce and records would be saved in Volunteer Record type.
  • Customized Time Zone for Displaying Volunteer Jobs.
  • Branded job calendar page as per website
  • Volunteers, who complete the Personal Site Contact Lookup, form receive an email with instructions for accessing their Personal Site.
  • Editing the email template to configure the Personal Site URL, and editing custom settings to configure the email sender’s name.
  • Customizing the Volunteers Personal Site Pages which shows volunteers their Personal Information, i.e. how are you tracking, Upcoming Job Shifts, and Volunteer’s history.
  • Customizing the overall styling of the volunteer’s personal site pages.
  • Customizing the fields displayed in volunteer’s report hours page to make it more usable for volunteers.
  • Sending automatic emails to volunteers about upcoming shifts is a huge time-saving feature. A workflow rule controls how much in advance reminder emails needs to be sent.


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