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About ShortTrip

ShortTrip is a retail store chain operating in the US. They have a total of 22 stores across multiple cities. ShortTrip uses a POS based system with their inbuilt software for their day-to-day sales, inventory and reporting. After successful operations in their 22 stores, they want to expand their operations among other cities by providing franchises for opening new stores.

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  • Different stores have different POS machine and POS software, so it was difficult to manage the inventory of all stores.
  • Each store has multiple item sales support like Retail items, Fuel (Gasoline), ATM and Lottery.
  • There exist various barcode formats for the same product in different POS systems
  • There’s no common mechanism for sales reporting.
  • Time consuming and 100% manual process for physical audit, fuel inventory entries and lottery ticket management.

How Prompt Softech helped to overcome these challenges?

After visiting their store to analyse their system usage and daily work routine, Prompt Softech suggested: “All in one place - Cloud solution” integrated with a couple of hardware, mobile application and desktop utilities to simplify and quicken system usage along with easy storage of records of users and admin users.


Cloud based Web Portal

  • SAAS based franchise management
  • Inventory management for retail store items, unique barcodes of all items, price and tax management
  • Day & Shift closing
  • Lottery, ATM case and fuel inventory management

Desktop Utility

  • Windows service based utility on installing in POS machine
  • Sync items inventory and sales data from POS to Cloud and vice versa

Mobile App

  • Stock audit and stock management
  • Quick access to reports
  • Quick day shift closing


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