IoT Based Real Time Cattle Monitoring System


Handling a large cattle farm is a challenging task. It requires enormous concentration, labour and dedication to run a successful cattle farm. Most of the owner faces many issues in running a farm, and even if there exist most favourable conditions, they have to encounter some losses in the end. Some of the significant challenges confronted by large farm owners are

1) Large Human resources

Monitoring a large farm where hundreds of cattle are part of it can be gruelling at times. The demand for medication on time, keeping eyes on every cattle to ensure successful breeding, feeding proper diet and cleanliness are some of the essential aspects to be taken care of. These all-important aspects are part of the daily schedule and require considerable manpower but do not assure error-free results. Labourers can help to an extent, but overall hiring cost and not very impressive result end up in loss only.

2) Insemination/breeding cycle delay

Even if there are workers, it is impossible to keep an eye on cattle 24*7. Missing single heat stress can cause a massive loss for the owner. Delay in the artificial insemination results in unsuccessful breeding and also affects the health of the cattle.

3) Monitoring cattle's activity

Sometimes, cattle get sick or get lost while grazing. Keeping an eye on every cow's move is arduous and time-consuming without any assurance of success.

4) High-cost maintenance

Overall, managing a cattle farm falls in the expensive maintenance industry. From taking care of feed to vaccination, on-time artificial insemination to cleanliness, everything requires attention and expenditure. Thus, a bit carelessness shifts the whole business into a loss.


  • The smart collar has introduced a new way to supervise cattle farm of large sizes. It has improved farm management and increases the breeder's efficiency. The smart collar is fastened around the neck and monitors the activities of the cattle. It observes the behavioural changes and sends alert to the farm owner when cattle come in heat. The IoT-enabled, cloud-connected smart collar informs about the peak period for the successful artificial insemination and protects from the loss due to late insemination.
  • The smart collar reduces the dependency on the labourers and ensures 90% breeding accuracy, which ultimately helps provide better quality milk and also improves yield.
  • The smart cattle allows real-time monitoring and remote tracking of livestock which provides actionable insights.
  • The sensor attached to smart collar observes the activities and body temperature of the cattle and provides alerts for artificial insemination and saves from semen loss caused due to late insemination.
  • The smart collar records activity profile, rumination profile etc., and if any changes are observed, it informs the owner about the health of cattle through SMS or email.


  • It provides an immediate signal from activity tag for oestrus (heat) detection
  • Individual collar-worn wireless activity tag for cows
  • In case of the lost collar or ill cow, farm staff is alerted immediately
  • This solution requires a low maintenance cost
  • There is software for cow-related data processing and in-browser visualization
  • This smart solution is economical and robust
  • Any layman can operate the solution.
  • Activity plot preview determined by the system.

Technology Stack

  • Accelerometer
  • Motion Sensor

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