About BMC SmartBox
We understand the problems faced by the milk industry. Our goal was to develop a solution that empowers BMC operators by making monitoring of milk stored at BMC facilities smooth, efficient and cost saving. BMC SmartBox is designed to monitor Bulk Milk Coolers (BMC) to keep track of milk quantity, temperature, compressor, and agitator status. Any deviation observed will notify the server through its GSM connectivity.

BMC SmartBox

We understand the problems faced by the milk industry.

Project Challenges
How Prompt Softech helped to overcome these challenges?

The primary step was to gain practical experience of on-site problems, identify the locations where they prevail, and gain enough knowledge on the same to understand requirements of the system to be developed.

Project Challenges

Lack of real-time information like quantity and temperature of the milk
No mechanism to maintain and monitor the temperature
Irregular Cleaning-in-Process (CIP) causing deterioration of milk quality
Truck-wise manual recording of the datasheet
Lack of a tool to check milk FAT & SNF and milk adulteration


BMC SmartBox

Monitors quantity of milk, temperature status, multiple compressors & agitator status, and power supply status
Facilitates in-built Cleaning-in-Process (CIP) to check if the cleaning of BMC is done according to the required standards
Has its inbuilt battery backup that continues to monitor the status of BMCs in case of power failures
Allows knowing what volume of milk is available at any particular BMC facility through comprehensive reports of milk collection quantity in real-time.
This feature helps is milk stock planning and allow logistics team to dynamically design tanker routes and ensure prompt collection of milk at low costs.
Stores data in its internal memory card in case of connectivity issues
Is a reliable device for getting accurate reports to the best possible extent
The BMC SmartBox Software is designed smartly to analyze data and instantly send alerts via SMS, BMC SmartBox Mobile App, and emails to authorized users.


By installing BMC SmartBox system, monitoring BMC facilities has become easy. The operators can obtain real-time data and take timely, appropriate decisions which have significantly reduced monthly losses. Regular audits are carried out by the Milk Union officials at these facilities causing a remarkable plunge in malpractices.


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