About Penguin
Penguin is a restaurant management solution developed to digitize the old-paper-trend and expedite better management in a restaurant. Penguin offers a list of incredible apps and software that can change the outlook of the restaurant. Prompt equipments took the initiative and redefined the existing old paper-dependent restaurant into a digitally smart world.


It is a restaurant management solution developed to digitize the restaurant management system.

Project Challenges
How Prompt Softech helped to overcome these challenges?

The food industry has been one of the significantly booming sectors. Not Today but since last decade. The impediments were sometimes small and sometimes stringent, but the adversest part was unavailability of appropriate solutions. Prompt equipments carefully examined the problems and challenges.

Project Challenges

Compromise Customer Satisfaction
Manage order Manually
Time Consuming
More Manpower Utilization
Miscommunication Between Chef And Captain
Table Ordering
Manual Inventory Tracking
More Paper Work
Detailed Reports and Analysis
Lack Of Owner's Attention


Q-Management App

This android app is accessible by the Queue Manager. He manages the crowd by providing them with a token mentioning the number. The customer can roam freely until his/her number arrives. A message will be forwarded to the customer informing about the seat availability. This smart solution registers the details of the customer and stores it on the cloud for anytime access.

Captain App

Captain App is administered by the Captain. This App acts as a connecting link between the trio- Chef, Queue manager and Cashier. This app stores the data on the cloud for future access.

Functions Performed by Captain App

It informs queue about the availability of seats.
It takes order through a tablet and shares the KOT to Chef and Cashier.
It informs Cashier about the end of dining to forward the procedures.
It has feedback space for reviews by the customers.

Penguin Max

This Windows-based cashier billing solution generates the bill of the customers and shares it with the Captain to collect the payment. All the data are stored on the Cloud for future purposes.

Owner's App

Owner handles this App to overview the reports and data saved on the cloud. This App enables access to the restaurant finance details at any time and anyplace.


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