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We Pledge Ourselves To Internet Of Things & Embedded Systems’ Perfection.

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The Prompt Softech factor

Embedded systems and IoT applications development offer excellent solutions to enterprises. Nevertheless, it brings potential risks. Prompt Softech identifies where the security control is needed keeping the diversity of IoT devices and types of network in mind. Our cyber security experts closely work with our developers to ensure the safety of data. We focus on developing IoT products and solutions based on the latest IoT trends running across the globe. Our hardware experts provide a wide range of embedded systems services based on functional specifications, requirements, schematics, layout, and prototype manufacturing and testing.

Hardware Designs

Our hardware experts provide a wide range of services based on functional specifications, requirements, schematics, layout, and prototype manufacturing and testing. We excel in designing embedded control systems that employ 8, 16, and 32-bit microprocessors from almost all the major vendors.

Digital Designs

8, 16, and 32-bit microcontroller and microprocessors from various vendors including TI, NXP, Microchip, and Atmel

Analog Design

ADC & DAC interface (24-bit resolution); analog circuit designs for signal conditioning

User Interface

Graphical LCD, TFT LCD, alphanumeric LCD, segment LCD, 7-segment display interface; USB based keyboard and matrix keyboard

Power electronics

Design DC to DC power supply; battery charging and monitor circuit; motor drivers; AC main detection and control circuit

Communication Interface

SPI, I2C, RS485, RS 232, Ethernet 10/100 Mbps, USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, GSM/GPRS (Telit, Simcom)

EDA Tools

Allegro 16.0, Physical and Gerber viewer, Multisim

Our IOT Products

We present you a gamut of assorted services and products to help play around with IOT
that suit your organizational requirements and complement your business.


Software design

A myriad of software design possibilities is possible with our IoT and embedded solutions.

  • Capability to develop C language programs for PIC, AVR, ARM, MSP430 based microcontroller
  • Mastering different development environment such as QT, MPLAB, Keil, IAR, Code Composer Studio
  • Porting Linux OS to different boards
  • Different file systems like FAT32 and Ext3
  • SQLite3 and another low footprint embedded database
  • Interface embedded devices to Android and iOS through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
  • Stack configuration like Ethernet, SD card, USB mass storage device
  • Driver development for LCD, A/D converter, real-time clock, stepper motor, external EEPROM
  • Developed custom algorithms for complex data process
  • Data transfer through GPRS using HTTP and TCP/IP

The Best of IOT From Prompt

Security & Access Control
As an extensive user and provider of IOT, we believe in delivering quick and reliable services which are encrypted using complex data-security algorithms, thereby maintaining intense data confidentiality and authorized access control to our customers.
Our IOT services possess the capability to boost the efficiency of organizations and effectively improve the productivity of professionals by providing an easy and efficient way to work over a range of diverse technologies and platforms.
Real-Time Data
Smart environment and automation is the demand of today in the midst of cutting edge technology. Our IOT services assist you with Real-Time Data Analysis to quickly diagnose operational issues and scale up your business commanding digital transformation.

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