Master Data Management

Master Data Management system delivers consolidated, complete and accurate view of business-critical master information to all the operational and analytical systems across the enterprise.

Master Data Management

Why MDM?

Different data values might exist across diverse applications for the same entity. With many such applications, pairwise synchronization can be complex and fragile. Poor integration of master data can cause serious operational problems, operational efficiency, decision support, and regulatory compliance.

The fundamental purpose of MDM system is to serve as the authoritative source for master data and provide a clean, consistent master data to enterpriser. The benefits include:

  • Fully customizable
  • No compromise on performance and requirements
  • Developed using latest Microsoft technology
  • Future support and integration possible
  • Scope for future enhancements with fewer development efforts
  • No versioning required
  • Generic code for entities can be written and reutilized within MDM


Data Model
  • Out of the box support for multiple domains like customer, product, location, and account
  • Efficient management of relationship between domains (Customer to Multiple Addresses, Customer to Product, Customer to Location, etc.)
  • Categorization, grouping, and hierarchical management of master data entities
  • Easy to configure and administer reference master data
Data Quality
  • Configurable and easy to implement simple and complex data validations
  • Ability to integrate with data quality tools like IBM quality stage and trillium
  • Real-time support for standardization of data (person and organization names, addresses, phone numbers, email identification numbers)
Duplicate Record Processing
  • Powerful data de-duplication algorithm to remove duplicate records (or identity duplicate records).
  • Ability to configure critical data elements required for matching according to organization’s requirements.
  • Easy to setup survivorship rules to persist accurate, up to date data and most recent information resulting in the creation of a single record.
Customization Option
  • Flexible data model and services layer.
  • Extensible business services and ability to build composite business services using existing services to meet specific client requirements.
  • Option to introduce new domains with minimum development efforts.
  • High performance, scalability, and standard based architecture.
  • SOA enabled services architecture to enable the modular distributed application.
  • Support collaborative, operational and analytical styles of implementation.
  • Option to load data in batch mode (Mergers, acquisitions, and the initial load of data need a faster, reliable and easy load option).
  • Option to build intelligent rules to notify important events associated with master data.
  • Implements configuration of the business process via workflows and setting up the proper approval process.
  • MDM includes all kinds of reports related to customer module as per business requirements.
  • Implements modular approach to make it easy and fast to implement MDM module for any entity after customer with minimal changes and configuration.
  • Responsive UI to make it compatible to any size of device (e.g., mobile, tab, etc.)
  • A mobile application can be created using the same MDM structure as per business needs.
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