Amul Logistic App

Amul Logistic App

  • Easy and Simple UI/UX
  • Online and Offline support with background data syncing
  • Application state management - Retrieve unsaved data on next application start
  • GPS Location tracking and GEO Fencing
  • Camera integration with image metadata parsing
  • Push notifications
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About Amul Logistic App

Amul Logistic app is an Android application built for Milk Union officials to monitor milk collection data and milk quality at union and society level. It provides offline support to add truck sheet data at society level including GPS positioning and images. It helps milk union officials to track their truck drivers and milk collections from village levels and as a result helps to avoid any malpractices.

Amul Logistic App

Route Management

  • Truck drivers will get their assigned milk collection route
  • App will enforce truck drivers to follow assigned routes and keep track of their GPS positioning
  • Option to store odometer reading with images
  • Truck drivers can end route only if they complete milk collection of all assigned villages in route
Amul Logistic App

Truck Sheet

  • Truck drivers has to fill checklist/truck sheet at each village to complete milk collection process
  • Fill information like society name, BMC, dipstick reading, temperature etc. and add photos for all the readings for proof.
  • Application state management to store all data in draft mode if application get closed and start again with same data on next application start
Amul Logistic App

End Route Detail

  • Verify all truck sheet data for assigned route
  • Check and sync each truck sheet to server if pending
  • End route with odometer readings
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