Milk Union App

Milk Union App

  • Live milk collection using web socket
  • Chart.IO integration
  • Widget based dashboard design with lazy content loading
  • Portrait and Landscape mode support for better data presentation
  • RESTful API integration with HMAC
  • Push notifications
milk union app

About Milk Union App

Milk Union app is an Android and iOS application created for Milk Union officials to monitor milk collection and milk society data in real time. It provides real-time statistics like total milk collection, total edited milk collection and society-wise milk collection records of live milk collection going on at a society.

MU App


  • Multi-widget based dashboard to provide a high level summary of selected Union
  • Option to swipe and see data of morning and evening shift for today
  • Bar Chart to represent monthly milk procurement data comparison between last year and current year
  • Lazy data loading
muapp screen
muapp screen
MU App

Live Milk Collection

  • Add real-time milk collection records in the list
  • FAT value based color coding on alerting the user of any misleading record
  • Filter records based on parameters like date, society, date, etc.
  • Support for pagination to load old live milk collection records
MU App

Service Page

  • CRM integration to fetch service call records
  • Summary of pending and resolved service calls per society
  • Option to see a list of all pending calls and track their status
muapp screen
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