Pashu Sahayak App

Pashu Sahayak App

  • Register animal
  • Animal event history
  • Real-time notifications for animal events alerts
  • Milk collection summary
  • Milk collection earning reports
  • News for animal and farmer related
  • Online and Offline support with background data sync
  • Multiple language support
  • RESTful API integration with HMAC
  • Push notifications
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About Pashu Sahayak App

Pashu Sahayak is an Android application that helps dairy farmers keep track of their overall dairy business including animal details, milk slips and animal husbandry events. Pashu Sahayak provides easy and simple UI to keep note of cattle’s regular lifecycle events like heat, AI, Repeat Heat, PD, Drying Up, Calving, etc. and notified for the upcoming events on the due dates which are accurately calculated by the app. It helps farmer to check their knowledge and keep update to date with trending milk farming related news and tips.

Pashu Sahayak App


  • Multi-widget based dashboard to provide latest animal alerts, milk slip summary, and latest news/tips
  • Recent alerts of upcoming animal events
  • Morning and evening shift Milk collection history
  • Recent news/tips for milk farmers
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Pashu Sahayak App


  • One time cattle registration to monitor their lifecycle events
  • Overview of cattle details like current and past lactations, Performed AI events history, upcoming events and etc...
  • Quick access to cattle events recording like Heat, AI, Repeat Heat and etc..
Pashu Sahayak App


  • History of all performed event alerts
  • List of recent and upcoming alerts
  • Add cattle events directly from alerts
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