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Protomator (Process + Automation) is an add-on service for Microsoft Dynamics 365 online/On-Premise. The app lets you gain more productivity simply by defining repetitive activities into templates within primary entities like Account, Contact, Lead and Opportunity. It breaks down the process of performing similar tasks repeatedly.

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Why Protomator?

The app is designed and developed for all kinds of industries and is best suited to the businesses who are doing repetitive processes on daily basis. The app leverages the features of Dynamics 365 to automate such activities so you and your team can focus on high-reaping targets and generate more profits!



Create Tasks, Appointments, and Cases automatically from predefined business workflows.


Attach Task and Appointment templates to the Case template which are executed after the Case.


Create dynamic templates similar to email templates for Accounts, Contacts, and Leads and Opportunities.


Run the app from multiple locations in CRM, either Record List Page or Individual Record Form.


Attach documents and files to the templates. The attachments get executed when templates are executed.

Clone Template

Easily clone the created template for future use and save time.


Increase productivity

Cuts down time spent on the repetitive business processes by automating the tasks, thus increasing productivity.

Built for All

Designed to suit nearly all the industries where a certain set of business processes are followed recurrently.

Works on Core CRM entities

The templates in Protomator are designed to run from core CRM Sales entities (Account, Lead, Contact, and Opportunity).

Easy to Use & Customizable

It is easy to define templates for activities and execute templates like a conventional email template.

Reusable & Efficient

The templates require One-time configuration and later can be executed as and when required.

Time Saving

Executing a template saves time from redundantly writing similar types of tasks every day.

Install Protomator

To get started, visit our page on Microsoft AppSource and install Protomator.

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Customize Protomator

If you wish to get Protomator customized for your business requirements, feel free to contact us.

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