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Quality Analysis and Testing in Software Development

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Significance of Quality Analysis and Testing in Software Development

Build any software, and it demands foolproof security. When you develop a product, the first requirement your clients seek to be fulfilled is the security assurance and protection against any undesirable breach or malicious attack. And, we take it as our paramount responsibility to let our clients count on us for our reliable quality analysis and testing procedures we establish and follow for each product we design and build. We ascertain that a comprehensive, safe, and a fully functional product is delivered to our esteemed clients. And, in the process, we never forget to implement the highest encryption and security standards while making the product stand against the vulnerabilities.

The services that we employ as a part of QA and Testing-

Our hardware experts provide a wide range of services based on functional specifications, requirements, schematics, layout, and prototype manufacturing and testing. We excel in designing embedded control systems that employ 8, 16, and 32-bit microprocessors from almost all the major vendors.

Quality Engineering

Each software undergoes a set of quality assurance assessments to become a certified, authentic product. Such tests are executed to check if the system meets the specified requirements. Our rigorous testing processes are performed throughout the SDLC to assess the system against correctness, usability, security, efficiency, integrity, portability, maintenance, and so forth to make informed decisions and produce a well-functioning software.

Test Automation

Software testing includes some repetitive tasks that prove difficult when performed manually. In such cases, we implement test automation to infuse simplicity and save time in the testing process. Our basic checklist of parameters incorporate a few basic parameters like platform independence, debugging ability, extensibility, customization support, version control flexibility, etc. to verify if the test cases give the results as expected under controlled execution.

Performance & Load Testing

Software, when put to the test, must endure peak load conditions and sustain the stress. Apart from taking care of the design and programming, we ascertain that the software we build performs exceptionally well under severe load circumstances. Thereby, our software undergoes rigorous testing methodologies to evaluate its load tolerance, multitasking ability, maximum user load, throughput, resource utilization, reliability, stability, etc.

Mobile Testing

We understand what goes into building an enriched app for your business and stand the test of time. Our comprehensive approach towards mobile, web and hybrid app testing lasts across multiple phases of security auditing, app performance, and functional validation.

Visual Testing

To create a positive, everlasting impression of your software, the User Interface (UI) or the visual appearance of your software is predominant. It should be carefully designed taking while taking care of minor factors like the easy & simple usage, graphical representation, and smooth navigations through your software that instigates the overall brand image of your product. We streamline the UI testing process, perform repeated visual tests, and validate data & layout elements on all platforms before we roll out the software.

Functional Testing

The software is complete when all its functional requirements are fulfilled. The test cases are based on the specifications of the software module being tested. While testing each functionality to verify if it’s working as intended and coded, we examine each output carefully to certify that the program so built adheres to the business requirements. Thus, we follow multiple SDLC models like Waterfall, Agile, and Iterative to integrate testing and development.

Regression Testing

Frequent changes in code result in varying functional scenarios and so do the test cases. And each test case is executed multiple times to check if it conforms to the functional requirement. We employ industry standard automation tools to execute test cases for every new build of the code and reduce the time that goes into manual testing.

Compatibility Testing

We believe, for a software to be successful, it should be available and accessible to most of the users. Thus, to make sure this happens, we test the compatibility of the product on various parameters—Operating System (Windows, Linux, Mac OS), Browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer), Database (Oracle SQL server, MySQL), and Devices (Mobile, Tablet).

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