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Embedded system design and development are the core of any device, implant, wearable, or a machine that we see and use; a fecund synergy between software and hardware design to achieve speed and efficiency in operations. As an embedded software development company, we always push our boundaries to craft an effortless user experience by leveraging cloud-based technologies and wireless communication protocols and imposing security in our embedded software development process.

We develop embedded system software by converging technologies, high computing power, and ubiquitous connectivity while increasing the value and minimizing the cost of the final product for our clients. Our approach remains in delivering discrete embedded development services for domains like but not limited to embedded hardware and operating systems, web connectivity and security in embedded systems, and development of real-time systems in a broader periphery.

Hardware Design

The applications today are becoming increasingly sophisticated, plus the pressure of market for their rapid development makes hardware designing a challenging task. We use refined engineering techniques, and distinct computational architectures to design and build embedded systems with integrated hardware and software designs, while fulfilling design constraints regarding manufacturability, reliability, modularity, safety, optimized BOM, short prototyping cycles, and regulatory compliance. We do:

  • Microcontroller and microprocessor-based embedded system designs
  • Product Enhancement and Design migration/Re-engineering
  • Prototyping and Board Bring-up
  • Multilayer PCB design for Digital, Analog, and Mixed-Signal systems
  • System Integration and thermal analysis
  • System Architecture

Prototype Development

Prototyping is an active enabler in conceptualization, detailed cost distribution, evaluation of feasibility and viability, construction, and creation of a new market. Our embedded software development process consists of prototyping from a holistic perspective while transforming vague ideas into concrete manifestations, and showing actual progression through feasibility testing, subsystem functionality, proof of concept, and market testing. Our embedded system software prototyping includes:

  • Parts Procurement
  • PCB Assembly
  • Certification
  • PCB Manufacturing
  • PCB Testing

Production and Quality Check

As embedded systems are becoming complex and ubiquitous, they’re also providing more convenience and safety to consumers. We focus on streamlining the design and quality check processes of embedded systems while infusing innovation and new features, and attaining greater quality assurance and testing insight. With shorter product lifecycles and automated test processes, our embedded development services quickly achieve the desired user experience, functionality, and compliance that your business needs. We do:

  • Product Conceptualization and Feasibility Analysis
  • BSP & Device Driver Testing
  • Protocol Stack Validation
  • Product Design and development
  • OS & File System Validation
  • Network Testing

Firmware Writing

Embedded firmware is a critical part of the product that provides functional capabilities to embedded hardware. Armed with extensive experience in firmware development, we design custom firmware based on device specifications with device management functionality and low power consumption. We implement Qt platform for quick and cost-effective design, development, deployment, and maintenance of embedded devices, application UI and software, IoT, mobile apps, and automation. We provide:

  • Modem and Sensor Integration for IoT / M2M Connectivity Enablement
  • BSP, Device Driver and Firmware Development
  • Power and Code Optimization
  • Embedded UI Design and Usability Engineering
  • OS Porting – Android, Linux

Reasons to Choose Us

We do not like blowing about how much we know or what we are capable of doing. We just let our work show it all that entices clientele across the globe in any given domain to connect and establish a longstanding business relationship with us. In return, we abide by their business requirements and objectives and help them transform the way they do business. We give you the grounds on which we work and leave it on you to see if our rationale can fulfill your motives.

  • Customized projects providing competitive edge using latest software and devices
  • Infusing industry-specific security and technology compliance standards
  • Creating user experience design with action-driven app workflow
  • Continuous deployment to production followed by rigorous automated testing
  • Leveraging open-source technologies to build cloud-native applications
  • Building fault-tolerant web and mobile applications with optimized performance

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