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Smart Consumer

Smart Consumer Goods Solutions

Prompt Softech has a dominating range of the pertinent and requirement fulfilling solutions like business applications, variant software, storage solutions and more to every consumer goods customer for their business as well as industrial growth

We introduce the latest possibilities and add them to our solutions to make it highly efficient and effective to meet the expectation of consumers and businesses owners. Our solutions optimize the business operations, reduce product development time, generate enhanced ROI, strengthen customer relationship and assure streamlined product lifecycle workflow.

Retails Solutions

We have the best solutions for retailing, which dissipates all the tech-related disturbances. The company focuses on existing and future growth areas to ensure future-proof businesses and propelling success in the digital era. Our highly business-oriented models empower retails to navigate from traditional solutions to business outcome-oriented conversions. Our solutions charter the path to the new tech-influenced enterprise world.

Customers have raised the expectations, and our solutions meet their demands through our incredible solutions. Our solutions contribute to rich shopping experiences that are personalized, engaging and hyper-connected.

Retails Solutions
Restaurants & Bar Solutions

Restaurants and Bar Solutions

We cater the best and optimal solutions for Horeca, which just not transits into profit but enhances the customers’ satisf action. Our Restaurant Management Software/Restaurant solutions will change the outlook of your business while staying on the primary purpose- Offer the best services.

We develop the best, and customers alignexd solution to wipe out the regular Horeca problems, which generally causes a break in the flow of work. Our solutions offer the most efficient services which just not attract profits to businesses but make your customers come back again.

CRM Solutions

Prompt has secured a stable place in delivering the best CRM services to slow down the day-to-day business struggles

Our superior Microsoft Dynamics CRM complete solutions will reboot your company operations, giving it a new look with more efficient functionalities. We customize the services matching the standard of the market and need of the industries. Our technology consultants will pull in transitions and add values to assist companies and international clients.

CRM Solutions
Cattle Management Solutions

Cattle Management Solutions

We analyzed different cattle related issues like health, diet and skip of heat stress, etc. and developed solutions like Farm 365 and Bov Smart to track every movement of a cow. Our smart health tracking device called “wearable animal gadget - Bov Smart” equipped with thermal sensing technology & GPS enabled chips helps in tracking, monitoring and managing cattle’s health, nutrition, behaviour, pregnancy, milking frequency, and activity level in real-time. The real-time data received enables farmers to take relatable actions.

These smart animal trackers are implanted in the cattle’s neck to track their health and early diagnosis of medical conditions.

Dairy Tech Solutions

Our company offers the most precise and advanced digital solutions to upheave the dairy industry. We have played a vital role in framing the old-traditioned and time-honoured dairy culture into the most advanced one.

We have developed technologically innovative products to assure no compromises with the milk quality. Our technically advanced machines like AMCS, Fat testing machine, milk analyzer, etc. guarantees purity serves without being degraded.

We digitize & optimize Milk Production, Milk Procurement & Coldchain Management through our IoT enabled digital solution which helps dairy farmers and cooperatives maximize profits without any negotiations with consumers expectation.

Dairy Tech Solutions
Smart Agricultural Solutions

Smart Agricultural Solutions

Prompt Softech delivers the most compatible and efficient smart agriculture solutions. Our Smart farming solutions automates and optimizes end-to-end production and operations activities. It provides a holistic view of all farm activities, manages records, generates reports and detects inefficiencies.

Our solutions help to analyze the farm and provide actionable insights like the suitable crops, water requirements, crop health, spraying, soil fertility, yield prediction and much more. It offers the well-organized data set, providing a clear view of finance and field operations with any time accessibility.

Logistics and Supply chains

Our company offers the most refined and absolute solutions which leave no space for any errors. To meet demand and combat emerging loopholes in the logistics and supply chain, we developed solutions to keep a track on the route followed by the drivers along with the other related necessary details. The logistics app help the industries in removing the unnecessary time consumptions by the drivers.

Our solutions help industries in curbing the uncertainty and quality drop. Enterprises are experiencing efficient and smooth work-flow and are deluged with unstoppable benefits.

Logistics & Supply Chains
Weighing & Logistic Solutions

Weighing and Logistic Solutions

We offer the most-suited and advanced range of weighing and logistic solution. From small-size weighing scale to the automatic one, we have all type of weighing machines which are part of production industries. Our logistic solutions have curbed the long-manual procedures adding accuracy and smartness.

Our solutions meet the requirements and make the working process more smooth and reliable. Most importantly, our solutions have digitized processes to generate optimal benefits.

Fintech Software Solutions

We have a long track record in supporting both early-stage Fintech startups and well-established businesses to synch them with the changing tech-world and update them accordingly.

Our solutions are based on the requirements and needs of the organizations. Our experts help organizations in understanding the pattern of changing customer sentiments and provide the most efficient and effective technical solutions that meet business objectives. Being technical and domain expert, we provide the customized and most compatible solutions that provide pace to businesses and spins benefits.

Fintech Software Solutions

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